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News 2016


Happy New Year!


Welsh puppies 6,5 weeks 30.12.2016

See more in the Welsh puppies page.

Photos Sari Mäkelä


Christmas Wishes


Welsh puppies 4,5 weeks 18.12.2016

Devi's puppies are now 4,5 weeks old. A female is looking for a co-owner and a super promising male is looking for a show home!

See more in the Welsh puppies page.

Photo Tarja Dillström


Finnish Winner Show 11.12.2016

Welsh Terrier

BOB-veteran, 2nd best bitch, FiVW-16 Vicway Euphoria, owned by kennel Vicway

2nd junior class Vicway Centurion, owned by Pia Suominen

Judge Birgitta Hasselgren, Sweden

Veteran Winner Vicway Euphoria - Photo Tiina Muros


Rally Obedience Kirkkonummi 20.11.2016

Sheltie Vicway Miss Almighty "Zelda" competed in open class with a score of 95 points and finished the title RTK2! Zelda is owned and handled by Sini Eriksson.


Welsh puppies 15.11.2016

Welsh puppies by Ch Darwyn's Mighty Joe Young "MJ" and Ch Vicway Heroine "Devi" were born. There are 2 females and 1 male in the litter.

More information in the Welsh puppies page.

Devi's newborn puppies - Photos Sari Mäkelä


Agility results from October & November 2016

Welsh Vicway Euphoria "Riia" competed in class small-3 in Sipoo 30.10. and 5.11. and ran a clean run on both days, finishing 8th and 3rd. Riia is handled by Sari.

Welsh Vicway Silver Bird "Papu", owned and handled by Hanna Hautanen, ran a clear course in small-3 in Vantaa 12.11. and finished 7th.


Sheltie puppies 5 weeks 12.11.2016

Chili's puppies turned 5 weeks. A male and a female still available.

See more in the Sheltie puppies page.

Sheltie litter 5 weeks - Photo Sari Mäkelä


Tarto Int, Estonia 6.11.2016

Cairn Terrier

BOS, CACIB, CC Vicway Lily of the Valley, owned by kennel Vicway & Eija Lehtiö

Judge Jan Gajewski, Poland

Vicway Lily of the Valley "Martta"


Obedience & Agility results from September & October 2016

Sheltie Vicway Much Like Romeo "Håkan", owned and handled by Riikka Laaksonen, took his third first prize at an obedience trial in Rauma 18.9. Håkan finished the novice class title TK1 and will compete in open class from now on. Congratulations!

Welsh Vicway Euphoria "Riia" ran two clear courses in Kirkkonummi 2.10., finishing third in one of them. Riia is handled by Sari.


Seinäjoki Int 22.10.2016

Welsh Terrier

BOB, CC Vicway Centurion, owned by Pia Suominen

Judge Kari Salminen, Finland


Sheltie puppies 8.10.2016

Sheltie litter by Carmylie Arctic Nights "Night" and Ch Vicway Million Dollar Baby "Chili" was born. A sable male, a sable female and two tricolour females.

Serious inquiries are welcome! See more information in the Sheltie puppies page.

Chili's puppies at three days of age - Photo Sari Mäkelä


Welsh pups "Vimma" & "Esko" at 5 months 1.10.2016

Littermates Vicway Vanity "Vimma" and Vicway Valentino "Esko" (Mindhunter Diamond In The Rough - Vicway Hypnôse) after their first strips at 5 months of age. Their puppy coats had to be stripped completely off but both have good coats coming through. Vimma is owned by kennel Vicway & Nina Rintamäki and Esko is owned by Mandi Broms and Aki Tanninen.

Vicway Vanity Fair "Vimma" - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Vicway Valentino "Esko" - Photo Terhi Kaitila


Mated 11.9.2016

Ch Vicway Heroine "Devi" is mated with Ch Darwyn's Mighty Joe Young "MJ".

MJ is a handsome male with a super temperament. Tested normal for PLL. He has produced several beautiful puppies throughout Europe. This will be MJ's first litter in Finland. Devi comes from a very high quality litter including Ch Vicway Hypnôse and Vicway Hercule (1xCC). Devi is a group placer. She also competes in agility (small-2) and Rally-Obedience. She is a very easygoing girl and simply loves to work with people.

Both good looks and great temperaments are expected in this litter. More information in the Welsh puppies page.

Ch Darwyn's Mighty Joe Young "MJ" - Photo Larisa Hotchin

Ch Vicway Heroine "Devi" - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Agility Kotka 9.9.2016

Welsh Vicway Silver Bird "Papu" and her owner & handler Hanna Hautanen won class small-3 and took their second Agility CC! Congratulations!

Agility-CC winners Hanna & Papu

Obedience & Agility 27.8.2016

Sheltie Vicway Much Like Romeo "Håkan" won the novice class in obedience for the second time in a row with high points! Congratulations! Håkan is owned and handled by Riikka Laaksonen.

Welsh Vicway Euphoria "Riia" ran two clean runs out of two in agility trials, handled by Sari. Riia is such a trustworthy partner these days!

Vicway Much Like Romeo "Håkan" with his owner

Tallinn Int, Estonia 20.-21.8.2016

News from two international shows in Tallinn, Estonia. Cairn Vicway Lily of the Valley "Martta" finished her Estonian Junior Champion title taking her third Junior CC on Saturday. She was BOB-junior both days. "Martta" is owned by Eija Lehtiö and kennel Vicway. Welsh Vicway Centurion "Taisto", owned by Pia Suominen, started his show career with two Junior CC's and BOB-junior both days. He was shortlisted in the BIS-junior competition on Saturday.

Left: Welsh Vicway Centurion "Taisto", photo Terhi Kaitila; Right: Cairn Martta's Championship diploma, photo Eija Lehtiö

Mated 10.8.2016

Ch Vicway Million Dollar Baby "Chili" is mated with Carmylie Arctic Nights "Night". Puppies are expected at the end of week 40 or at the beginning of next.

"Night" has an outgoing and happy temperament and he has produced beautiful puppies with great performance drive. "Chili" is a class winner at Helsinki World Winner Show and multiple group winner at all breed shows. She is also a fiery agility dog with great food, play and fight drive. Natural, easy motivation. She is always ready to give her best. "Chili" holds two Agility CC's.

More in the Sheltie puppies page.

Carmylie Arctic Nights "Night" - Photo Kitta Peltoniemi

Agility Kokkola 15.-17.7.2016

Welsh Vicway Euphoria "Riia" ran 4 clean runs out of 5 possible. Sheltie Vicway Million Dollar Baby "Chili" took a valuable class win with Agility CC! Both are owned and handled by Sari.

Rantasalmi 2.7.2016

Welsh Terrier

BOB Vicway Heroine, owned by kennel Vicway & Tarja Dillström

"Devi" was also shortlisted in the Terrier group. Thank you Tarja for making this possible!

Judge Juha Putkonen, Finland

Sheltie "Zac" at 7 months 23.6.2016

Our imported Sheltie male Blue Heavens Dressed for Vicway "Zac", 7 months. Bred by Lisa and Lloyd Graser, owned by kennel Vicway, A-K Lahtinen and E. Kontinen.

Photo Kristina Lehtomäki

Freestyle World Championships 24.6.2016

Sheltie Vicway Miss Almighty "Zelda" took part in the freestyle World Championships in Moscow!

Sini & Zelda in the World Championship arena - Photo Sergey Morozov

Obedience Huittinen 12.6.2016

Sheltie Vicway Much Like Romeo "Håkan" and his owner/handler Riikka Laaksonen won the novice class with 192/200 points! Congratulations!

Luige, Estonia 11.-12.6.2016

Cairn Terrier

2xBOB-junior, 2xJunior-CC Vicway Lily of the Valley

Photo Annika Hannuksela

Rally-Obedience Vantaa 29.5.2016

Sheltie Vicway Miss Almighty "Zelda", handled by her owner Sini Eriksson, took the title RTK1 in Rally-Obedience novice class.

Agility Kirkkonummi 8.5.2016

Sheltie Vicway Miss Almighty "Zelda" moved to class medium-3. She is owned and handled by Sini Eriksson.

Photo Sini Eriksson

Agility Varkaus 7.5.2016

Welsh Vicway Heroine "Devi" moved to class small-2. She is owned by kennel Vicway and Tarja Dillström and handled by Tarja Dillström.

Roskilde Int, Denmark 30.4.-1.5.2016

Welsh Terrier

Ch Vicway Nirvana won 2xBOS, 2xCACIB and 1xCC and finished her Danish & Nordic Champion titles.

Welsh puppies 27.4.2016

Ch Vicway Hypnôse "Tellu" delivered her litter of 3 males and 1 female by young Mindhunter Diamond in the Rough "Ludde".

Vicway Orient Express "Nesti" 26.2.2000-1.4.2016

Nesti is gone at the age of 16 years. She was a big personality and is sadly missed by family Kaitila.

Nesti on her 15th (left) and 16th (right) birthdays - Photos Terhi Kaitila

Imatra Int 26.3.2016

Cairn Terrier

2nd in junior class, CQ Vicway Lily of the Valley

Judge Tino Pehar, Croatia

Photo Kristof Tuderman

Sheltie imports! 21.3.2016

Kennel Vicway welcomes two new members to the team: Shelties Blue Heavens Dressed for Vicway "Zac" and Blue Heavens Don't Mess With the Dress "Ray"! Thank you so much Lisa and Lloyd Graser for letting them come to Finland!

Blue Heavens Dressed for Vicway "Zac" - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Blue Heavens Don't Mess With the Dress "Ray" - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Rally-Obedience Porvoo 6.3.2016

Welsh Vicway Heroine "Devi" competed in Rally-Obedience novice class with her co-owner Tarja Dillström and took the title RTK1.

Narva, Estonia 31.1.2016

Shetland Sheepdog

Group 1st, BOB, CC, FI & EE Ch Vicway Million Dollar Baby

Breed & group judge Pedro Sanches Delerue, Portugal

Group winner and new Champion - Photo Jari Närhi

Vicway Illusion "Lyyli" 9.2.2002-29.1.2016

Lyyli is gone at the age of almost 14 years, taken by cancer. She was owned by Nina Rintamäki. So sorry for your loss!

Sari Mäkelä, Vantaa, Finland | vicway.kennel at | +358 40 558 8800 (iltaisin tai viikonloppuisin)