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News 2010


Helsinki & Finnish Winner Shows, Helsinki 11.-12.12.2010

Helsinki Winner 11.12.2010, Welsh Terrier

Judge Hans Lehtinen, Finland

BOB, CACIB, CC, FI Ch, HeW-10 Vicway Euphoria
Best bitch 2nd, Res-CACIB Vicway Nirvana

Finnish Winner 12.12.2010, Welsh Terrier

Judge Ingela Nilsson, Sweden

BOS, CACIB, FiW-10 Vicway Nirvana
Best bitch 2nd, Res-CACIB Vicway Euphoria

Sisters on the road again, first time shown in the same place. And as you can see, the results are outstanding and shared equally!

Agility News, Helsinki 14.11.2010

Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" won medium-3 class with a clear course.

Jyväskylä Int 13.11.2010

Welsh Terrier

Judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland

BOS, CACIB Vicway Nirvana

New International Champion 27.10.2010

The title of C.I.B has been confirmed for Ch Vicway Balrog.

Tromso, Norway 16.-17.10.2010


No great performances. I can't remember the last time I failed six courses in row. Despite this Vicway Valkyria "Killi" won both of her classes and Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" won one. Vicway Euphoria "Riia" came second on her course, lost only to her mom.

Thanks to the fellow competitors for the warm welcome!

Show, Welsh Terrier

Judge Tom Johnston, Great Britain

BOB, CACIB, CC, NO & Nord Ch Vicway Valkyria

BOS, CC, BOB-veteran, NO & Nord Ch Vicway Out Of The Blue, first time in veteran class at the age of 10,5 years

C.I.B Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" - Photo Jari Närhi

Hämeenlinna 9.10.2010

Welsh Terrier

Breed judge Tapio Ranta, Finland
Group judge Tarmo Viirtelä, Finland

BOB, CC, FI & LT Ch Vicway Nirvana, also shortlisted in the group competition

Agility News, Riihimäki 9.10.2010

Vicway Euphoria "Riia" won her class again and moved to class 3.

Agility News, Turku 26.9.2010

Vicway Euphoria "Riia" won her class twice with nice clear courses. Still one more good result and she moves on to class 3.

Agility, Helsinki area District Championships 19.9.2010

Vicway Valkyria "Killi" and Vicway Euphoria "Riia" took bronze in the Finnish Welsh Terrier Club's team! Other team mates were "Nekku" and Heini and "Lulu" and Riikka.

We also send our warmest congratulations to the gold team ATD! Riia's littermate Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" and her handler Terhi were involved with their great success.

Kuopio Int 7.8.2010

Welsh Terrier

Breed and group judge Andrew Burt, Australia

Group 3rd, BOB, CACIB, CC Vicway Euphoria

Agility News 2010

Finnish Nationals in Vantaa 19.-20.6.2010

Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" was once again part of the Järvenpään Agilityurheilijat team. This time he was the only team member to make a clean run.

Vicway Look "Ruttu" and Vicway Valkyria "Killi" were part of the Finnish Welsh Terrier Club's team. Ruttu made a beautiful run but had a fault on the dog walk. Killi made the run of her life with a clear course. She was the dog to do the final run and there was a big audience and the atmosphere was very excited. I think she just loved the big audience!

Kokkola 9.-11.7.2010

Vicway Look "Ruttu" ran her last competitions. She took part in several courses, including the international competition where she placed 10th out of 44 dogs. Great job for a 12,5 year old dog!

Ruttu is now retired. Maybe some agility for fun, but no more.

Ruttu's granddaughter Vicway Euphoria "Riia" started her agility career at the same trials where Ruttu ended hers. She had a marvelous start and won her class. Since then she has already moved on to class 2!

And everybody knows that Riia and Kirppu, who was mentioned below, are littersisters!

District Championships in Porvoo 29.8.2010

Only team competition for us. We live in a different district than that where our club is located.

Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" again member of the Järvenpään Agilityurheilijat team. Roope and his Spanish Waterdog team members did it again! They won the hot competition by 26 hundredths of a second!

Thank you team members and thank you Roope!

Trondheim Int, Norway 3.7.2010

Holidaytrip with family and dogs to Trondheim, Norway.

Welsh Terrier

BOS, CACIB, CC Vicway Euphoria

Best male 2nd, Res-CACIB, CC, NO & Nord Ch Vicway Balrog

Vicway Valkyria "Killi" also in agility, clear course, placement third.

"Kirppu" and "Nesti" in shows during summer 2010

Joensuu Int 30.5.2010

Judge Janiki Steinbock, Israel
Group judge Stefan Sinko, Slovenia

BOB, CACIB, CC Vicway Nirvana, also shortlisted in the group competition
Best bitch 2nd, BOB-veteran Vicway Orient Express

Forssa 3.7.2010

Judge Igor Selimovic, Croatia

BOB, CC Vicway Nirvana

Karjaa 11.7.2010

Judge Branislav Rajic, Slovenia

BOB, CC Vicway Nirvana

Druskininkai Int, Lithuania 6.8.2010

Judge Valentina Ivanicheva, Russia

BOS, CACIB, CC Vicway Nirvana

Druskininkai Int, Lithuania 7.8.2010

Judge Svante Frisk, Sweden

Res-CACIB, CC Vicway Nirvana

Druskininkai Terrier Show, Lithuania 8.8.2010

Judge Shamil Abrakimov, Russia

CC Vicway Orient Express

Tervakoski Int 28.8.2010

Judge Viva Maria Soleckyj-Szpunar, Poland

Best bitch 2nd, Res-CACIB, CC Vicway Nirvana

Agility "Kirppu" 2010

Besides her beauty Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" is a superbly talented agility dog. Always handled with care by Terhi Kaitila. Hera are their results:

  • Helsinki 3.4. small-1 jumping: clean run, 4th place
  • Kirkkonummi 16.5. small-1: clean run, 1st place
  • Helsinki 5.6. small-1: clean run, 2nd place -> moved up to class 2
  • Nastola 14.8. small-2 jumping: clean run, 1st place
  • Vantaa 29.8. small-2 jumping: clean run, 1st place
  • Hattula 5.9. small-2: clean run, 2nd place
  • Helsinki 12.9. small-2: clean run, 2nd place -> moved up to the highest level, class 3

We wish good luck also to the future!

Helsinki Int 23.5.2010

Welsh Terrier

Judge Renée Sporre-Willes, Sweden

BOS, CACIB, CC Vicway Nirvana, owned by Terhi Kaitila & Sari Mäkelä

"Ruttu" 10 years in the World of Agility

C.I.B FI & SE AgCh Vicway Look "Ruttu" has been competing in Agility for 10 years. She had her first trials 16.5.2000.

Since then:

  • 300 official starts
  • Finnish Nationals every year since 2002
  • World Championship Qualifications every year since 2002
  • Part of Järvenpään Agilityurheilijat team at Finnish Nationals every year since 2003
  • Finnish Championship individual bronze 2004
  • Finnish Championship team gold 2006
  • Finnish Championship team bronze 2007
  • Finnish Championship team bronze 2008

Last year her team was placed 4th. She also placed 11th out of 110 competitors in small category at the World Championship qualifications at the age of 11 years last year!

Now 12 years old and still on run and very serious about it.

I'm so happy and proud to have this kind of companion!

Ruttu celebrating her marvelous career at Kirkkonummi trials 16th of May - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Turenki 15.5.2010

Welsh Terrier

Breed judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland
BIS-veteran judge Markku Kipinä, Finland

BOB, BIS-veteran 2nd, BOB-veteran Vicway Orient Express

BIS-veteran 2nd C.I.B Vicway Orient Express "Nesti" - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Somero 2.5.2010

Welsh Terrier

Judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Finland

BOB, BOB-veteran Vicway Orient Express, shown for the first time in veteran class at the age of 10 years
Best bitch 2nd, CC Vicway Nirvana

Both dogs are owned by Terhi Kaitila

C.I.B Vicway Orient Express "Nesti" in Somero - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Agility News 25.4.2010

Five courses altogether, four clear ones. Granny Vicway Look "Ruttu" 12 years placed 6th and Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" was twice 3rd and once 5th.

Roope qualified himself to the Finnish Nationals. Ruttu is still missing the "double clear" (two clear courses at the same trials) but it's no blame on her, she is usually only entered to one course!

St. Petersburg Int, Russia 18.4.2010

Welsh Terrier

BOB, CACIB, CC, RU Ch Vicway Boadicea

Tampere Int 21.3.2010

Welsh Terrier

Judge Kurt Nilsson, Sweden

BOS, CACIB, CC Vicway Nirvana

Thank you Irmeli for handling her!

Vicway Live Free Or Die "Huuko" 5.10.1994-12.2.2010

This time it was Huuko who said goodbye to us. He left together with his lifelong companion Wire Fox Terrier "Lotta", both 15,5 years.

Huuko is greatly missed by his human family: Leena, Juha, Olivia, Leo, Viola and Silvia. Welsh Terrier Pate and Smooth Fox Terrier Helka will lighten up the day for the family.

Huuko was a very special gentleman.

Welsh Puppies Born 17.1.2010

Ch Vicway Valkyria "Killi" had her litter with three males and three females. So far everything is fine with the litter and mom. All the puppies are growing well.

Sire to the litter is young Honeypaws Tiznow.

Sari Mäkelä, Vantaa, Finland | vicway.kennel at | +358 40 558 8800 (iltaisin tai viikonloppuisin)