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News 2009


More formal photos were taken too...

Nordic Winner Show, Helsinki 13.12.2009

Welsh Terrier

Judge Johan Juslin, Finland

BOB, CACIB, NordW-09 Vicway Valkyria
Best bitch 2nd, CC, NordJW-09 Vicway Euphoria

Both girls were qualified to Cruft's, twice!

Million thanks to Terhi, Miira, Ekku and Pekka for helping me with preparing and handling the dogs!

Ch Vicway Valkyria "Killi" on the table - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Finnish Winner Show, Helsinki 12.12.2009

Welsh Terrier

Judge Per Iversen, Norway

Best male 2nd, Res-CACIB Vicway Balrog

BOS, CACIB, FiW-09 Vicway Valkyria
Best bitch 2nd, CC, FiJW-09 Vicway Euphoria

15 Welshies entered, also visitors from Sweden and Russia. So nice to see dogs from different countries!

Cairn Puppies Born 5.12.2009

Vicway Tiny Tiger "Saimi" had her litter with two males and two females. She is a devoted and loving mother.

Sire to the litter is Ch Sandico Sky Harbour.

The newborn litter

Vicway Fireplay "Panu" 1994-2009

Cairn "Panu" is gone.

He was well over 15 years and taken care of and loved by Marjukka Hietaniemi and Juha Virtanen.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Vicway Fireplay "Panu"

Mated 17.11.2009

Welsh Terrier Ch Vicway Valkyria "Killi" with young American import Honeypaws Tiznow "Retu". More later in Puppy-page.

Agility News 1.11.2009

Vicway Look "Ruttu" won her class in Helsinki 1.11.2009.

Vicway Boadicea "Vilppu" has moved to class 3. I happened really fast... Congratulations to handler Anne Vertanen and good luck for the future!

Hämeenlinna 25.10.2009

Welsh Terrier

Judge Matti Luoso, Finland

BOB, CC Vicway Euphoria

BOS, CC, FI Ch Vicway Magic Move

Cairn Terrier

Judge Sergio Capps, Brazil

4th open class, excellent Vicway Tiny Tiger

Mated 2.10.2009

Cairn Terrier Vicway Tiny Tiger "Saimi" was mated to lovely wheaten male Ch Sandico Sky Harbour "Saku".

Puppies are expected to be born at the beginning of December. More later in Puppy-page.

Agility News 27.9. & 3.10.2009

Vicway Look "Ruttu" placed 5th at the Helsinki District Championships 27.9.2009.

Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" placed 3rd in Kirkkonummi 3.10.2009.

Parainen 20.9.2009

Welsh Terrier

Breed judge Markku Kipinä, Finland
Group judge Lia Obee, the Netherlands

Group 3rd, BOB, CC Vicway Euphoria, not quite 1 year of age

Best male 2nd, Res-CC Vicway Magic Move

Agility News 13.9.2009

Vicway Valkyria "Killi" placed 3rd on the jumping course.

Congratulations to Vicway Boadicea "Vilppu" who has moved to class 2 after just 7 courses! Vilppu is handled by Anne Vertanen.

Porvoo 12.9.2009

Welsh Terrier

Judge Nils Molin, Sweden

BOS, CC Vicway Nirvana

Agility News 5.9.2009

Vicway Look "Ruttu" is just unbelievable. Now 11,5 years. She went second in a class of 15 participant, lost 1st place with only 4 hundredths of a second. And me taking the contact surfaces easy, safe and slow. She just has the love for the work and good health still to do it at this level. I wish she could go on forever.

Agility News 30.8.2009

District Championship Team Gold for Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope"

Once again, thousand thanks to our team mates for such a great job! This time our team included also Spanish Waterdog "Joy" and Kirsi, Shetland Sheepdog "Piko" and Kai and Smooth Fox Terrier "Huima" and Sanna.

"Roope" also placed 3rd on the individual jumping course.

Finnish Terrier Specialty, Helsinki 29.8.2009

Welsh Terrier

Judge Juha Palosaari, Finland

BOB Vicway Balrog

BOS Vicway Valkyria
Best bitch 3rd, CC Vicway Nirvana

Ch Vicway Balrog "Timppa" in the BIS ring - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Baltic Winner Show in Tallinn, Estonia 23.8.2009

Welsh Terrier

Judge Sean Delmar, Ireland

Best male 2nd, Res-CACIB Vicway Balrog

Best bitch 2nd, Res-CACIB Vicway Valkyria
Best bitch 3rd, Junior-CC, BaltJW-09 Vicway Nirvana

Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" in the BIS-junior competition - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Kouvola 22.8.2009

Welsh Terrier

Judge Pirjo Hjelm, Finland

BOS, CC, FI Ch Vicway Boadicea, owned by Anne Vertanen & kennel Vicway

Brand new champion Vicway Boadicea "Vilppu" - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Mäntyharju 8.8.2009

Welsh Terrier

Breed & group judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland

Group 3rd, BOB, CC, FI & SE Ch Vicway Balrog

BOS, CC Vicway Euphoria, age 10 months

Terhi, thousand thanks for your expert help for handling these two!

Shows in Sweden 26.-27.7.2009

Holiday trip with family and dogs to Sweden. We took part in two shows and visited Kolmården Zoo. My special thanks to my son Jussi who bravely, with not much experience about handling (and no will to practice beforehand), took each day one dog into the showring.

Vålberg Terrier Specialty 26.7.2009, Welsh Terrier

Breed judge Juha Kares, Finland
BIS junior judge Tomasz Borkowski, Poland

BOB, CC Vicway Balrog

BOS, CC, Swedish Ch Vicway Valkyria
Best bitch 2nd, BIS-junior 2nd Vicway Euphoria

Vicway Balrog "Timppa" waiting for the group competition - Photo Katriina Taitokari

Ransäter Int 27.7.2009, Welsh Terrier

Judge Bengt Nilsson, Sweden

BOB, CACIB Vicway Valkyria

BOS, CACIB, CC Vicway Balrog

Puppy Born 20.7.2009

Cairn Airwind's Scarlet Shade "Iris" had a brindle male puppy on 20.7.2009. Sire is Ch Leavenworth Double My Wish "Roope".

Agility World Championship Qualification 18.-19.7.2009

This time the competition was held in Turku. There were five courses altogether and only 50 dogs in each category continued for the next day. First day was two courses and next day three.

Vicway Look "Ruttu" placed 11th out of 110 participants. First three courses were faultless but not very smooth ones. Next two were with one fault each but more fluent otherwise.

Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" didn't qualify for the second day. First course was disqualified because of my bad judgment and fault in handling. On the second course we made two faults at contact surfaces.

Laukaa 11.7.2009

Welsh Terrier

Judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland

BOB, CC Vicway Nirvana, just 9 months, owned by Terhi Kaitila & kennel Vicway

BOS, CC Vicway Magic Move, owned by Mikko Rautala & kennel Vicway - second show, second CC

Vicway Magic Move "Matti" - Photo Terhi Kaitila


Kennel Vicway welcomes "Retu" the Welsh Terrier.

He is bred and taken care of with great love by Cathleen and Hiroshi Saito, kennel Honeypaws, New Jersey, the US.

I'm so impressed by all that you have done for me! I hope that I can fulfil your expectations. Once again, thank you!

Agility Finnish Nationals 18.-19.6.2009

Vicway Look "Ruttu" was a member of her club's team again. She had the third run (out of 4) and she made a beautiful run with no faults. After her course Järvenpään Agilityurheilijat was on lead, but faster teams came behind at 4th run and we were finally 4th. All competitors in our team made faultless runs as the only team to do so. Once again, we can be proud of ourselves! Competition is just so tough in this country.

Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" took part only in individuals this year. As usual individuals didn't go that well. I seem to be so happy not to made faults in team competition that I don't handle so carefully at individuals... And I didn't qualify to the final agility course, although both dogs made beautiful funs with only one "oops" due to my careless handling.

Terhi Kaitila and Roope's sister Vicway Orient Express "Nesti" were more skillful and qualified to the second course and were placed 27th.

Long trip to the other side of Finland, but worth the trouble. Dogs are always so excited at the big events. They just love the big audience!

Agility News 6.6.2009

The last competition before the Finnish Nationals next weekend.

Vicway Look "Ruttu" was on run again. She misread my handling on the first course and I handled one place badly on the second. Still beautiful runs.

Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" was in a hurry on the first course and dropped a bar. Second course was good, although his time wasn't. We were taking extra careful contact surfaces with him this time.

Heavy weekend coming for these two. Still, I think they will love it!

Helsinki Puppy Show 31.5.2009

Welsh Terrier

Breed and BIS judge Saija Juutilainen, Finland
Group judge Paula Valakari, Finland

Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" 8 months entering the group competition - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" 8 months as BIS winner - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Agility News 21.5.2009

Vicway Look "Ruttu" placed herself 2nd with not so perfect course.

Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" placed himself 3rd with a poor course. I lost him completely for several seconds, but it didn't lead to a fault.

Tampere Puppy Show 16.5.2009

Welsh Terrier

Breed and group judge Karin Bergbom, Finland
BIS judge Markku Mähönen, Finland

BIS 1st, Group 1st, BOB Vicway Nirvana

This puppy show had 440 puppies entered.

Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" 7,5 months - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Agility News 26.4.2009

Vicway Look "Ruttu" placed herself 3rd at agility trials with 45 participants.

Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" finished his results for Finnish Championships and World Championships Qualifications. He was placed 4th and 5th in classes of 50 participants.

Spring Photo 25.4.2009

Vicway Out Of The Blue "Roope" playing with his great granddaughter Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" on the first warm and sunny day of spring.

Photo Terhi Kaitila

Agility News 5. & 10.4.2009

Granny Vicway Look "Ruttu" on the run again. She won agility trials held together with Puppy Expo. A week later she was placed 5th at a trial with more than 60 participants. She is such a pleasure to handle!

Helsinki Puppy Show 4.4.2009

Welsh Terrier

Breed & group judge Juha Palosaari, Finland
BIS judge Hans Lehtinen, Finland

BIS 4th, Group 1st, BOB Vicway Nirvana, owned by kennel Vicway & Terhi Kaitila

This puppy show had more than 750 puppies entered. At her first show at the age of 6 months "Kirppu" had a major start.

Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" BIS 4th - Photo Terhi Kaitila

New International Champion 17.3.2009

The title of C.I.B has been confirmed to FI & LV & LT Ch FiJW-04 EuW-06 Vicway Firefly "Papu".

C.I.B Vicway Firefly "Papu" - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Top Welsh Terrier & Top Welsh Male 2008

Kennel Vicway proudly presents the Top Welsh Terrier and the Top Welsh male 2008

TOP WELSH TERRIER Vicway Valkyria (left) and TOP WELSH MALE Vicway Balrog (right) - Photos Terhi Kaitila

The Top Welsh Terrier competition result is counted from 6 best show results.

Top Welsh Terrier Ch Vicway Valkyria was shown only 8 times during the season and she retired for maternal duties in August. Those few shows include three group placements at international shows:

  • Group 3rd at Helsinki Int in May
  • Group 1st at Kuopio Int (Saturday) in August
  • Group 2nd at Kuopio Int (Sunday) in August

She lost the breed once to our young male Vicway Balrog who was shown only 6 times, most of them in junior class. His wins include 4 x BOB, Group 3rd at the age of 10 months at Hamina Int show and BOB at the Finnish Winner Show in December. With these results he won Top Welsh male for 2008.

Birthday Agility 14.3.2009

Ch Vicway Look "Ruttu" had her 11th birthday and to celebrate she traveled to agility trials in Turku.

We only had one course which was made in the most safe and sure way not even trying to make the best possible time. She ran a nice clear round and surprisingly placed herself 4th among over 50 participants! Super granny did it again!

Ruttu also sends her best wishes to her litter mates!

High Flyer's Rockefeller "Basti" 2.12.1997-11.3.2009

And again sad news. Basti, who was loved and taken care of by my parents, is gone. He had a tumour in his urine bladder and he took pain killers for years. His liver just couldn't cope anymore and we had to let him go.

Basti is the father of several Champion Welsh in multiple countries. He was always happy, playful and puppylike.

He also competed in agility and always gave his all.

I am truly sorry for my parents, who have a big empty hole in their home after losing their last dog.

Sari Mäkelä, Vantaa, Finland | vicway.kennel at | +358 40 558 8800 (iltaisin tai viikonloppuisin)