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News 2011


Mated 21.12.2011

C.I.B Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" has been mated with handsome young USA import Bayleigh Shaireab's Touch Of Gold "Midas".

Puppies are expected around 22nd February. Both parents are just fabulous in temperament. I trust this couple will have very nice puppies together. More soon on puppy page.

My sincere thanks to Kasia and her family for their hospitality!

Winner Shows in Finland & Sweden 3.-4.12.2011 & 10.12.2011

Helsinki Winner Show 3.12.2011, Welsh Terrier

3rd best male Vicway Balrog

2nd best bitch, CACIB Vicway Euphoria
3rd best bitch, Res-CACIB Vicway Nirvana
4th best bitch Vicway Valkyria

BOB breeder's group kennel Vicway

Judge Irina Poletaeva, Finland

This was made possible by handlers Ekku, Miira, Terhi and Irmeli. Thank you very, very much!

Finnish Winner Show 4.12.2011, Welsh Terrier

BOS, CACIB, Finnish Winner 2011 Vicway Euphoria
4th best bitch, Res-CACIB Vicway Nirvana

Judge Rafael de Santiago, Puerto Rico

Vicway Euphoria at Finnish Winner Show - Photo Miira Ikonen

Nordic Winner Show, Stockholm, Sweden 10.12.2011, Welsh Terrier

2nd best bitch, CACIB Vicway Nirvana

Judge Philip Greenway, Great Britain

News from Russia

Vicway Silver Arrow is now Youth Russian Champion, Russian Champion 2 x Champion of Russian Cynologial Federation, has 2 x CACIB and is also candidate for Terrier Union Club Champion.

"Rush" and his owner Irina are also doing agility with success!

Vicway Sunbeam "Terttu" 9.8.2000-25.11.2011

Passionate agility dog "Terttu" has passed away. She is missed by Mikko Rautala and his family. So sorry to hear about your loss.

Agility Lohja 19.11.2011

Vicway Nostradamus "Onni" and his handler Leena Koivula won medium-3 class in Lohja and took their first Jumping-CC!

Autumn harvest 1.11.2011

May I present Vicway Baila-Baila "Ruuti" 12 weeks!

Photo Terhi Kaitila

Ruuti is co-owned with Soile Mustjärvi-Riihelä who has done here her very first Welsh grooming.

Nice start I would say!

Vicway Firefly "Papu" 19.12.2003-30.10.2011

"Papu" has a better life on the rainbow bridge.

She was a joy to my parents for several years and they are greatly missing her.

Agility News 23.10.2011

Vicway Silver Bird "Papu" and her handler Hanna Kovanen have moved to class small-2!

That was easy! Congratulations!

FCI Confirmations 6.10.2011

C.I.B for Ch Vicway Boadicea is now confirmed by FCI

C.I.B for Ch Vicway Nirvana is also confirmed by FCI

Congratulations Anne and Terhi!

Agility results from fall 2011

Vicway Euphoria "Riia" now has all the results needed to take part to the Finnish Nationals 2012.

Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" and Terhi Kaitila also have results for the Finnish National and also for the World Champion qualification competition for 2012!

Vicway Nostradamus "Onni" and Leena Koivula have done a great job and moved to class medium-3 this fall.

This trio comes from the same litter!

Porvoo 12.9.2011

Welsh Terrier

BOB Vicway Euphoria

and again among 7 finalists in the Group.

Breed judge Harri Lehkonen, Finland
Group judge Tarmo Viirtelä, Finland

Swedish Winner Show, Norrköping Int, Sweden 21.8.2011

Welsh Terrier

BOS, CACIB, Swedish Winner 2011 Vicway Nirvana, co-owned with Terhi Kaitila

Judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe, Sweden

Agility News 21.8.2011

2nd in Small-3, Agility CC Vicway Euphoria "Riia", handled by Sari Mäkelä

Riia also made a "double clear" (two clear courses at the same trial). This is needed to qualify to the Finnish Nationals 2012.

Welsh Terrier Open Show (unofficial) 20.8.2011

3rd best bitch Vicway Nirvana, co-owned with Terhi Kaitila

Judge Jan Albers, the Netherlands

"Kirppu" was the only representative from this kennel. Unfortunately the show was held on a day when it was impossible for me to take part. Luckily Terhi was ready to take main responsibility of Kirppu's preparing and handling. Thank you!

Valkeakoski 14.8.2011

Welsh Terrier

BOB Vicway Euphoria

"Riia" was again picked up in the Group but didn't quite place herself.

Breed judge Svante Frisk, Sweden
Group judge Cristina Epuras, Romania

Turku 13.8.2011

Welsh Terrier

BOS Vicway Nirvana, co-owned with Terhi Kaitila

Judge Göran Bodegård, Sweden

"Kirppu" was in Turku with her co-owner who has done a lot of work with trimming Kirppu this summer.

Photo Tarja Aaltonen

Agility Mikkeli 24.7.2011

Vicway Silver Bird "Papu" took her first steps in the world of agility trials. She ran two clear courses and won both her classes! Papu was expertly handled by her owner Hanna Kovanen.


Oulu Int 17.7.2011

Welsh Terrier

BOB, CACIB Vicway Euphoria

"Riia" was among the 6 finalists in the Terrier Group.

Breed judge Tiina Taulos, Finland
Group judge Markku Kipinä, Finland

Piteå Int, Sweden 16.7.2011

Welsh Terrier

Group 1st, BOB, CACIB, CC -> SE Ch & C.I.B Vicway Euphoria

Breed & Group judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, Finland

"Riia" is the third member of a strong line of Vicway females finishing the C.I.B title this summer! The other two are Vicway Boadicea and Riia's full sister Vicway Nirvana.

Photo Jari Närhi

Kokkola Int 2.7.2011

Welsh Terrier

BOB, CACIB Vicway Euphoria

Judge Soile Bister, Finland

Photo Jari Närhi

Puppy news 30.6.2011

Ultrasound showed that Vicway Boadicea "Vilppu" is expecting a litter to be born at the beginning of August. Sire is C.I.B Ronesco Talisman.

Pärnu, Estonia International Shows 18.-19.6.2011

This time news from Estonia where Anne, Miira and Pekka were showing their dogs with excellent results! Their trip resulted in two new Estonian Champions and one new International Champion, the second this month for Vicway Welsh Terriers. Now "Vilppu" can take a well deserved break for maternal duties.

Pärnu Int, Estonia 18.5.2011, Welsh Terrier

BOS, CACIB, CC -> EE Ch & C.I.B Vicway Boadicea, co-owned with Anne Vertanen

2nd best male, CC -> EE Ch Vicway Inspiration, owned by Pekka Ikonen

Judge Marina Tihomirova, Russia

Pärnu Int, Estonia 19.5.2011, Welsh Terrier

Group 2nd, BOB, CACIB Vicway Boadicea, co-owned with Anne Vertanen

BOS, CACIB Vicway Inspiration, owned by Pekka Ikonen

Breed judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland
Group judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Finland

New C.I.B. Vicway Boadicea (pending FCI confirmation) - Photo Miira Ikonen

Brains and Beauty 5.-6.6.2011

Last weekend was again a busy one. Vicway Welsh Terriers were attending both beauty and brains competitions. Due to active co-owners it's possible to make good results in many places at the same time!

Beauty-part was this time on "Kirppu's" shoulders with marvelous results, while her sister "Riia" and mom "Killi" represented in agility (brain-part)!

Vänersborg Int, Sweden 5.6.2011, Welsh Terrier

BOB, CACIB, CC -> SE Ch & C.I.B Vicway Nirvana, co-owned with Terhi Kaitila

Judge Jo Schepers, the Netherlands

This time trimmed and handled by her co-owner Terhi Kaitila.

Agility News 5.-6.6.2011

Vicway Euphoria "Riia" second with a clean run in small-3 class in Porvoo 5.6.2011

Vicway Valkyria "Killi" third with a clean run in small-3 class in Ylöjärvi 6.6.2011

Puppies expected

Ch Vicway Boadicea has been mated. More soon in puppy pages.

Tuuri 29.5.2011

BIS 2nd, Group 1st, BOB Vicway Euphoria

Breed judge Tarmo Viirtelä, Finland
Group judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland
BIS judge Harry Tast, Finland

Photo Jari Närhi

Hamina Int 22.5.2011

Welsh Terrier

Group 4th, BOB, CACIB Vicway Euphoria

Breed & group judge Martin Baskaran, Spain

Character test, Helsinki 21.5.2011

Vicway Valkyria "Killi" +150 points, secure to shots

Now her superb temperament is proven to be true! She was very happy through the whole test, no matter what happened.

Way to go, Killi!

Helsinki Int 21.5.2011

Welsh Terrier

BOS, CACIB Vicway Boadicea, co-owned with Anne Vertanen

Judge Andras Korosz, Hungary

Photo Miira Ikonen

Agility Janakkala 15.5.2011

Agility-CC and small 3-class win for Vicway Euphoria "Riia", handled by Sari Mäkelä.

Riia on her way to class win - Photo Jukka Pätynen

Rauma 14.5.2011

Welsh Terrier

BOS, CC Vicway Silver Fox
2nd best bitch Vicway Nirvana, co-owned with Terhi Kaitila

Judge Peter Green, USA

Tampere Int 8.5.2011

Welsh Terrier

BOB, CACIB Vicway Euphoria

Judge Annamaria Tarjan, Hungary

International Shows 22.-23.4.2011

This show season has now started and the first two shows are behind now.

We had three Welsh bitches entered in two shows, each in one. They all had a great start for the season!

Lahti Int 22.4.2011, Welsh Terrier

BOB, CACIB Vicway Euphoria

Judge Robert D. Black, USA

Lappeenranta Int 23.4.2011, Welsh Terrier

BOB, CC Vicway Silver Fox, first time in show at 14 months
2nd best bitch, CACIB Vicway Boadicea, co-owned with Anne Vertanen

Judge Irina Poletaeva, Finland

Vicway Silver Fox (left) and Vicway Boadicea (right) - Photos Miira Ikonen

Vicway Silver Fox in the group - Photo Miira Ikonen

Spring photo

Photo Sari Mäkelä

Winter is almost over. Still enough snow to play. Here Vicway Silver Fox "Pilli" with her sticktrick.

Results from year 2010

The brightest star of the year was beautiful Vicway Nirvana co-owned with Terhi Kaitila. Terhi has done a great job with handling and preparing. Enormous thanks for the great job done!

"Kirppu" was TOP WELSH FEMALE 2010!

"Kirppu" as a junior winning the title of BaltJW-09 - Photo Terhi Kaitila

The year 2010 gave several new Champion titles.

  • C.I.B (former Int Ch) Vicway Balrog

New Champions:

  • Fi Ch Vicway Nirvana, co-owned with Terhi Kaitila
  • Fi Ch Vicway Euphoria

New Champion titles for:

  • Nord & N Ch Vicway Balrog
  • Nord & N Ch Vicway Out of the Blue
  • Nord & N Ch Vicway Valkyria
  • Lt Ch Vicway Nirvana

Agility Eckerö 8.1.2011

Vicway Inspiration "Irwi" and Pekka Ikonen took the CC in Jumpers Class.

Congratulations! Beautiful work!

Sari Mäkelä, Vantaa, Finland | vicway.kennel at | +358 40 558 8800 (iltaisin tai viikonloppuisin)