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News 2015

Finnish Winner Show 6.12.2015

Welsh Terrier

2nd best male, CC, Finnish Junior Winner Vicway Geronimo

Judge Eeva Rautala, Finland

HeJW-16 & FiJW-16 Vicway Geronimo "Rämä" - Photos Terhi Kaitila

Helsinki Winner Show 5.12.2015

Welsh Terrier

3rd best male, Res-CC, Helsinki Junior Winner Vicway Geronimo, owned by Nina Rintamäki

Judge Vesa Lehtonen, Finland

Shetland Sheepdog

1st open class, Res-CC Vicway Million Dollar Baby

Judge Pedro Sanches Delerue, Portugal

Class winner - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Helsinki Puppy Show 7.11.2015

Cairn Terrier

BOS Vicway Lily of the Valley, owned by Sari Mäkelä & Eija Lehtiö

Seinäjoki Int 24.10.2015

Welsh Terrier

BOB, CACIB Vicway Hypnôse

"Tellu" was shortlisted in the group competition

Breed & group judge Ingrid Borchorst, Denmark

Agility Janakkala 26.9.2015

Sheltie Vicway Million Dollar Baby "Chili", handled by Sari, took her first Agility CC!

Rally-Obedience Hollola 30.8.2015

Welsh Vicway Boadicea "Vilppu" took the title RTK1 in Rally-O novice class. Vilppu is owned and handled by Anne Vertanen.

Photo Anne Vertanen

Welsh puppies 29.7.2015

Vicway Baila-Baila "Ruuti" had her litter of four - two boys and two girls. Sire is Vicway Narcissos "Pate".

Agility Finnish Championships in Oulu 13.-14.6.2015

Welsh Vicway Euphoria "Riia" and Sari took team silver on Saturday!

Riia and her sister Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" also participated in individuals on Sunday. Riia placed 15th and Kirppu 19th in small-3 with 241 participants.

Team silver medalists

Orivesi 7.6.2015

Welsh Terrier

BOB Vicway Heroine

Judge Johan Juslin, Finland

Estonian Winner Show 30.5.2015

Welsh Terrier

BOS, CACIB, CC, EE Ch & EEW-15 Vicway Hypnôse
BOB-veteran, Veteran-CC, EE VCh & EEVW-15 Vicway Valkyria

Judge Henrik Johansson, Sweden

Vicway Valkyria - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Helsinki Int 23.5.2015

Welsh Terrier

BOB, CACIB Vicway Heroine

Judge Elzbieta Chwalibog, Poland

Photo Maire Gripenwaldt

Agility Tuusula 17.5.2015

Welsh Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" took her last Agility CC to complete her Finnish Agility Champion title with her owner/handler Terhi Kaitila! Great work!

Photo Sirpa Saari

Varkaus Int 17.5.2015

Welsh Terrier

BOB, CACIB Vicway Heroine

Judge Juha Palosaari, Finland

Rauma 16.-17.5.2015

Welsh Terrier 16.5.2015

Group 3rd, BOB, CC, FI Ch Vicway Hypnôse
BOB-veteran, 2nd best bitch Vicway Valkyria

Breed judge Magdalena Kozlowska, Poland
Group judge Birgitta Hasselgren, Sweden

Left: Vicway Hypnôse winning Group 3rd, right: Vicway Hypnôse & Vicway Valkyria - Photos Terhi Kaitila

Shetland Sheepdog 17.5.2015

BOB, CC Vicway Million Dollar Baby

Judge Gunilla Skallman, Sweden

Hollola 14.5.2015

Welsh Terrier

BOB Vicway Heroine

Judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, Finland

Tampere Int 3.5.2015

Welsh Terrier

2nd best bitch, Res-CACIB, CC, FI Ch Vicway Heroine, owned by Sari Mäkelä & Tarja Dillström

Judge Kirsi Sainio, Finland

New Champion! - Photo Tarja Dillström

Agility Kirkkonummi 19.4.2015

Sheltie Vicway Miss Almighty "Zelda", owned and handled by Sini Eriksson, moved to class medium-2.

Photo Sini Eriksson

Agility Janakkala 18.4.2015

Vicway Euphoria "Riia", owned and handled by Sari, took her second Jumping-CC in small-3.

Cairn puppies 17.4.2015

Cairn Vicway Tiger Lily "Hertta" had her litter by Rocco's Collar Sparky Super Guenon, two males and three females.

Imatra 5.4.2015

Welsh Terrier

BOB, CC Vicway Hypnôse

Judge Tiina Taulos, Finland

Photo Jari Närhi

Lahti Int 22.3.2015

Welsh Terrier

BOS, CACIB, CC Vicway Hypnôse

Judge Maija Mäkinen, Finland

Agility Vantaa 15.3.2015

Sheltie Vicway Million Dollar Baby "Chili", owned and handled by Sari, moved on to class 3. Far too soon I believe. She was unbeatable in class 1 & 2 when she ran a clear course.

Vicway Look "Ruttu" 14.3.1998-13.1.2015

Ch Vicway Look is gone. My pride and joy for 16 years and 10 months. She had an unbelievable career in agility, it ended when she was 12,5 years old. She taught me what agility is all about.

  • 2004 Finnish National bronze, individuals
  • 2006 & 2007 Finnish Nationals, gold, team competition
  • 2008 Finnish Nationals, bronze, team competition

She was also a multiple all breed group winner.

"Ruttu" also produced Ch Vicway Valkyria, one of the greatest bitches I have ever had with the same superb temperament as her mother.

Ch Vicway Look "Ruttu" - Photo by Sari Mäkelä

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