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News 2012

Happy New Year!

Photo Sari Mäkelä

Winner Shows in Helsinki 8.-9.12.2012

Helsinki Winner Show 8.12.2012, Welsh Terrier

BOS, CACIB, Helsinki Winner 2012 Vicway Euphoria
3rd best bitch Vicway Nirvana

Judge Paul Stanton, Sweden

BOS Vicway Euphoria "Riia" - Photo Miira Ikonen

Finnish Winner Show 9.12.2012, Welsh Terrier

3rd best bitch, CACIB Vicway Nirvana
4th best bitch, Res-CACIB Vicway Euphoria

Judge Svante Frisk, Sweden

Mated November 2012

Sheltie Sensusan Show Stopper (sable) is mated with Ch Zarvo's U.S Black Wild Card (tricolour).

Puppies are expected at the end of January 2013. Both parents are healthy and with super temperaments: open and lively.

More later on the puppy page.

Agility News 21.10. & 10.11.2012

Two skillful agility dogs have moved to a higher class.

Welsh "Papu" Vicway Silver Bird moved to class 3 in Lappeenranta 21.10.2012. She is owned and handled by Hanna Kovanen.

Congratulations! Super work!

Photo Hanna Kovanen

Sheltie "Sofi" Sensusan Show Stopper won her class in Riihimäki 10.11.2012 and moved to class 2. She is owned by Mari Närhi and Teemu Loponen and handled with joy by me.

Photo Terhi Kaitila

In Memoriam

Two longtime friends have traveled over the rainbow bridge. They both were joys to their owners and left empty spaces behind them.

Vicway Laugh "Roppu" 14.3.1998-15.7.2012

"Roppu" was owned, taken care of and loved by Tiina Muros, kennel Upos.

Vicway Bouquet "Teri" 1.4.1996-24.8.2012

"Teri" was owned by Pirjo Isomäki.

This and that from summer 2012

Long time with no updates, sorry. The summer is just flying by.

Finnish Nationals gave a new medal holder when C.I.B Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" and her handler Terhi Kaitila took bronze in the team competition.

That is really great. Congratulations!

Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" - Photo Terhi Kaitila

C.I.B Vicway Euphoria "Riia" has been competing actively in agility and she has taken placements several times in big classes.

She was also shown in Pärnu, Estonia and took CC and CACIB there and also finished her title of Estonian Champion.

Vicway Euphoria "Riia" - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Agility and Show Team Vicway also wants to introduce two new members: Meet Sheltie Sensusan Show Stopper "Sofi" and Welsh Vicway Baila-Baila "Ruuti"!

Sheltie Sensusan Show Stopper "Sofi" was at her first agility trials and started her career by winning her class with a faultless run!

Sofi is proudly owned by Mari Närhi and Teemu Loponen. They have kindly given me the opportunity to train with this super Sheltie. This has been a very educational time and has also given plenty of fun!

Sensusan Show Stopper "Sofi" - Photo Terhi Kaitila

Another young promise is Vicway Baila-Baila "Ruuti" (Ch Ronesco Talisman - Ch Vicway Boadicea). She was shown for the first time at Finnish Terrier Club's Specialty Show August 25th. She took her first CC and was BOB junior and 2nd in best bitch class right after Vicway Euphoria.

Ruuti is co-owned with Soile Mustjärvi-Riihelä and Risto Riihelä. Many thanks to Soile for the great work with Ruuti's hair!

Vicway Baila-Baila "Ruuti" - Photo Terhi Kaitila

I also want to thank Terhi Kaitila for spending hours and hours taking and editing these wonderful pictures of the dogs mentioned and shown above.

Another new Agility Champion 19.5.2012

The story continues.

C.I.B. Vicway Euporia "Riia" finished her title of Agility Champion. Just a few days after it was even possible for her to have the final Agility-CC! (Time limit: one year between first and last CC).

Riia posing proudly with her Champion rosette.

New Agility Champion 6.5.2012

C.I.B. Vicway Inspiration "Irwi" took his final Agility-CC to complete his Agility Champion title. He is handled by Pekka Ikonen and sometimes Pekka's daughter Miira.

Congratulations! Great work! And a very special dog!

Photo by Anne Lind

Agility success, spring 2012

Several dogs have done great performances in Agility trials during the spring in class 3!

At least three have taken placements:

  • Vicway Inspiration "Irwi" and Pekka Ikonen
  • Vicway Boadicea "Vilppu" and Anne Vertanen
  • Vicway Euphoria "Riia" and Sari Mäkelä

Very nice work indeed!

Puppies belong to spring

Here Estelle is showing how sweet she can be. She has moved to her new home and is doing great!

Birthday party 14.3.2012

C.I.B. Fi & Se Agility Ch Vicway Look "Ruttu" had her birthday party this weekend. She filled 14 years at 14.3. Luckily she is still in good condition and we had a chance to offer her some agility which she enjoyed a lot!

She also had some friends visiting. She is so happy and positive little friend!

Ruttu is mother to C.I.B. Vicway Valkyria and Ch Vicway Dirty Trick. She is grandmother to several high quality dogs, among others C.I.B. Vicway Euphoria and C.I.B. Vicway Nirvana. And being granddam to Vicway Nirvana makes her also great granddam to charming little Estelle!

Puppy born 23.2.2012

C.I.B. Vicway Nirvana "Kirppu" has had her little princess!

Father is handsome young USA import Bayleigh Shaireab's Touch of Gold.

"Estelle" is looking for a co-owner near by.

Agility Lohja 28.1.2012

Vicway Inspiration "Irwi" and Pekka Ikonen won a medium-3 jumping competition in Lohja.

What a great start for the year! Congratulations!

Puppies expected

C.I.B. Vicway Nirvana was mated with handsome young USA import Bayleigh Shaireab's Touch of Gold.

Now "Kirppu" is clearly getting bigger, so there are puppies to come at week 8!

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